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Ship Loaders and Unloaders

SAMMI designs and builds ship loaders and unloaders to meet the specific needs of its clients. These machines comprise movable frames so as to cut down on transportation operation times and allow the material to be evenly distributed over the entire stowage area, maximising the load and reducing dust emissions into the surrounding environment.

The photo below shows a loader installed on board a ship to unload salt and coal. The loader is 36 metres long, has a capacity of 1200t/h, is capable of rotating about its own axis so as to distribute the material correctly and tilts between +17o and -5o in order to vary its loading height. Unloading conveyors are usually built using an automatic electric or hydraulic handling system so that the material can be directed as it falls into the ship’s hold. By special request, SAMMI can design and build special ship loaders capable of solving and meeting the needs of each individual project, as in the case of the ship loader featured in the photo below.

This loader forms part of a complex system designed and built entirely by SAMMI. It has the distinction of being the first plant in the world suitable for off-shore transhipment of bulk sulphur using belt conveyors. This machine is the first of its type capable of carrying out movements and performing so as to be able to load any type of ship (from small crane ships to Panamax size ships), offering marked reductions in transhipment times while still observing environmental regulations.

The system is designed to handle 750t/h of sulphur but is also able to transport coal and iron ore of various specific gravities, using inverters in the extractors. The ship loader is capable of rotating 270o about its own axis and vertically between 0o and 50o and is telescopic so its length can be extended by a further 30 metres. The fact that the ship loader can traverse allows the cranes to straddle the holds of crane ships, thus enabling them to be loaded.

Special attention has been paid to environmental safety by reducing the formation of highly-explosive sulphur dust, by installing a retractable chute at the outlet of the ship loaders. The plant and its components are suitable for operation under hazardous conditions in compliance with the Atex Classification assigned to this type of application.