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SAMMI srl, located in Narni Scalo (Italy) approximately 80km north of Rome and 200km south of Florence, was founded in 1976.  After its initial experience in mechanical assemblies and plant maintenance, SAMMI perfected and expanded its production sectors, becoming involved in structural construction and triggering a growth process not only in terms of the size of the Company but also in terms of managerial and technical skills.

Some key steps in this direction were when SAMMI became a joint stock company in 1993, acquired MOLLICONI Metmo SpA with its design know-how in 1999 and then became involved in the production and marketing of bulk material handling equipment and plant, finally becoming a leader in this field. The development of its managerial and technical skills was further strengthened by opening a new subsidiary PLANIA Ingegneria (Architectural plant engineering planning).

Graziano Bussetti, starting as a founder-member, focused increasingly on the managerial and organisational aspects of the Company, finally becoming its Chairman.  Inspired by the entrepreneurial skills of his father and the cohesion and synergy of the working group, Floriano Bussetti decided to join the family business and became its CEO (Chief Executive Officer).  It was he who introduced the philosophy of “There are no barriers, only new challenges” and guided SAMMI as leader of a group of partner companies that today form a working group playing a major role in the international arena, offering a wider range of services and activities under the name of the SAMMI Group, building plant and machinery for the bulk material handling industry.  From the design to choosing the materials, from production/construction to maintenance and after-sales technical assistance, the SAMMI Group directly controls the whole technical/financial design cycle, guaranteeing the quality and reliability of its products.

Today, the SAMMI Group is capable of meeting the most sophisticated market requirements of a sector that is extremely demanding, diverse and continually growing, namely the industrial mechanical plant sector.

SAMMI covers a built area of 4000m2 of workshops, divided into different production sectors, each served by an overhead crane, plus and 15000m2 of outside space.  The workshop is dedicated chiefly to the construction of mechanical parts with a high added value and to pre-assembly work since it is houses equipment such as welding machines (for electrode-, submerged-arc, MAG and TIG welding), calendering machines, pressing machines, punching machines, lathes, milling machines, pantographs, etc.

To complete the production cycle, SAMMI has an area dedicated to the surface treatment of manufactured items, ranging from metal shotblasting in a 5x5x15m room to the paint shop kitted out to perform the different treatments and cycles required to meet client specifications.

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